How to Speed up your Android Phone


When we first buy an android phone we are so excited about it as it has 2 GB/ 3 GB/ 4 GB ram and it ran so smoothly . But over time to time your ANDROID device slowed down. most of my subscriber ask me How to fix it? so here are some tips to maintain speed of your android phone.

At first one thing you should remember speed of the Phone depends on its free Ram. If your phone’s ram is high then your phone ran smoothly.   Continue reading “How to Speed up your Android Phone”


Servo motor

Servo Motor also known as Control Motor. They have high torque capabilities. They are not used for energy conversion but their basic principle of operation is the same as that of other electromagnetic motors. But, their construction and design and mode of operation are different. Their power rating vary from a fraction of watt upto few 100 watt. Servo motor have low inertia, due to low inertia , they have high speed response, For that they are smaller in diameter but longer in length. Generally servo motor operates at very low speed or sometimes zero speed.  Continue reading “SERVO MOTOR”