Who Invented IRRATIONAL NUMBER? square-root 2

irrational number inventor

Hippasus was the student of Pythagoras who discovered the IRRATIONAL NUMBER.


An IRRATIONAL NUMBER is a number that cannot be written as a fraction another side a rational number can be expressed as a simple fraction.

Story:  Hippasus √2
According to one story, Hippasus was toying with the number √2, attempting to find the value or equivalent fraction. after some times he came to realized that no such fraction existed and √2 is an irrational number. Hippasus overjoyed by his discovery but Pythagos was not. Exsistance of irrational number brought Pythagoras theory into questionable as Pythagoras defined the universe in term of rational number.


cogging magnetic lock


SQUIRREL CAGE motor sometime s could not be start, the rotor of squirrel cage motor refuse to start at all, particularly when the voltage is low. This happen due to Magnetic Locking between stator and rotor teeth, when number of stator teeth is equal to number of rotor teeth.

For that Kind of reason sometimes this phenomenon is call TEETH LOCKING.

It is found that the reluctance of the magnetic path is minimum when the stator and rotor teeth face to face each other rather than when teeth of one element (rotor or stator)  are opposite to the slots on the other. It is in such position of minimum reluctance, that the rotor tends to remain fixed and for that cause serious trouble during starting.

How to overcome from COGGING:

Cogging of squirrel cage motors can easily overcome by making the number of rotor slot prime to the number of stator slots.