Mathematics is the science that deals with Quantity, Arrangement, Shape-Size, Logic.

Be Aware! Math is Everywhere! 

Math is all around us, in everything we do.

Math Starts at Greek

Study of Math within early civilizations was the building blocks of the math of the GREEKS, Who developed Math through Geometry.

Who Invent Mathematics? 

THALES – The First True Mathematician

math inventorThe time of day when his own shadow was same height that he was he measure the shadow of the Pyramid to get the height. Its the starting of mathematics. to know about Thales  click here.

Definition Of Mathematics:

Many Philosopher Gives The Definition of Mathematics In different ways. Here are The popular Definition:-

  • Aristotle- great mathematician.Mathematics is the Science of Quantity – Aristotle.

  • bertrans russell a great mathematicianAll Mathematics is Symbolic Logic – Bertrand Russell, 1903

  • Galileo Galilei a great mathematician Mathematics is the Language with which God wrote the UNIVERSE – Galileo

  • walter sawyer mathematicianMathematics is the study of all Possible Patterns – American Mathematician, Walter Warwick Sawyer, 1955

  • auguste comte mathematicianMathematics is the Science of Indirect Measurement – French Philosopher, Auguste Comte, 1851



 Hippasus invented irrational NumberHippasus Invent Irrational Number Root 2




How to Start Math Preparation? 

Human Computer Shakuntala DeviShakuntala Devi



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